A Few Words from Fr. Gregory:

So many memories return to me each year on Father's Day. Dad was there for his family - he made the good times better and the bad times less grim - he was our shelter.  What really sticks with me now is the ordinary, common sense advice my Dad gave me in his mild and kindhearted way.  Although it wasn't life altering or earth shattering his gentle teaching did make me a better person and I hope a better priest.   He relied on his strong Catholic faith to keep himself anchored so he could provide guidance, wisdom and love to his family.

Fr. Jordan said
"Carry on your spiritual conversation with the Savior. Sit humbly and docilely at His feet and listen attentively to His words."

I suspect you and your father, your grandfather, perhaps the Parish priest, or maybe a trusted family friend have had conversations that you will always remember. Every so often those chats steal into our memories and remind us that Our Savior provides us His gifts through the loving advice and encouragement of loved ones.  I am grateful to have a day to honor Dad's memory and to thank the many men who steer loved ones safely through life.

Beginning this Father's Day, June 19, Salvatorians will honor fathers by celebrating a special Father's Day Novena. We dedicate this Novena in honor of St. Joseph, Patron of Families. As the step-father of our Savior, St. Joseph faced many storms with great love, wisdom and strength.  As we remember St. Joseph, I invite you to send me the name of your dear father, whether living or deceased, so together we can remember your father in these nine days of Masses and prayers.

Please send me your father's name either online, by mail or call 1-800-254-4902. We are also eager to remember other men you know who are fathers and/or spiritual guides to you or other loved ones at the Novena of Masses.  Be sure to send me the names of those you wish to honor by June 19, so that we may include them in our prayers.

To request one or more Father's Day Novena cards to send to your own father and/or other treasured men in your life, please click on the image of the Father's Day card to place your order online or call 1-800-254-4902 and we'll get them sent out to you right away.

May you and those dear to you be blessed in a real and special way this Father's Day, confident in the love our Heavenly Father holds for us all.




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Founded over 130 years ago, by Father Francis Jordan, the Society of the Divine Savior is a Roman Catholic religious community, praying and working to share the love and mercy of our Savior, Jesus Christ through all possible means.

Salvatorians answer this calling through many diverse ministries, including-

-Pastors in parish ministry
-Hospital, nursing home,
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-Friends and counselors to youth at risk
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