A Few Words from Brother Silas

As a child my family always had an Advent wreath in the weeks before Christmas. Many times the wreaths were home made with branches cut from backyard trees and bushes. Many of us also had Advent calendars that delivered small daily gifts that reminded us that Christmas Day was near.  Right now when our homes are the primary base for prayers and devotions, Advent season seems a good time to reflect on our joys and sorrows. Maybe we can choose one special memory each day all through Advent.  That memory could bring us pleasure or sadness, but it will be a reflection of life, hope and love.

We look forward to Christmas with love and joy in our hearts. This year the Advent season starts on November 29. We prepare in order to be ready to welcome the Christ Child in our lives. There really is a true feeling of happiness as we anticipate the arrival of Christmas Day.   With prayer our Salvatorian family can envision the real hope that Christmas represents. Come and join us in prayers of Love, Joy and Hope this Holiday Season. Advent Prayer

With great joy on Christmas Day the Salvatorians will begin a celebration of a Special Novena of Masses at our Motherhouse in Rome. We would love to remember you, your family and friends at those Masses. To be assured your intentions are included in the Christmas Novena please contact me on the web, by mail or call us at 1-800-254-4902 before Christmas Eve. The gift of Our Savior's love is a Christmas present we can all share!

Our Salvatorian Christmas Card assortment is available. Don't you enjoy sending cards that celebrate the Birth of Our Savior - the real "present" we receive on Christmas Day? Please call or contact the Salvatorians on the web, by mail or by calling us at 1-800-254-4902, if you would like the 2020 Christmas card set or a favorite card from the collection. We think that our Christmas Mass Remembrance would make a significant and meaningful gift -  especially this year - that will be welcome during the Holidays and lasts the entire year.

May God continue to fill you with love and joy.

Brother Silas

Don't forget - our November Masses paying special tribute to the Blessed Mother.
The Salvatorians will celebrate with a Novena of Masses in honor of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin beginning November 21.  Join us in celebrating the Novena of Masses from November 21 to November 29. To be sure you and your loved ones are remembered in the November Novena of Masses, send me your intentions by mail, online or by calling us at 1-800-254-4902. Remember too, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception is on Tuesday, December 8th. Please join us in prayer.

Won't you take a minute to visit our web-site to learn more about the Salvatorian community? We are delighted to have the opportunity to share the love and mercy of our Savior with you and your friends and family.


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Thank you for supporting our organization throughout the year. Please know that we deeply appreciate every gift - and every donor. Do not hesitate to check with us if you have any questions about a gift you are considering. Continue to stay safe during these uncertain times - you'll be in our prayers.


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Founded over 130 years ago, by Father Francis Jordan, the Society of the Divine Savior is a Roman Catholic religious community, praying and working to share the love and mercy of our Savior, Jesus Christ through all possible means.

Salvatorians answer this calling through many diverse ministries, including-

-Feeding the poor
-Campus ministers
-Teachers and administrators
-Support to youth at risk
-Camp counselors
-Foreign missionaries
-Anti-human trafficking

-Pastors in parish ministries
-Hospital, nursing homes, and prision ministries
-Supporting communities under duress
-Shipping medical, food and supplies to global missions


Our ministries are made possible through God's grace and mercy along with prayers and financial support from individuals, corporations and foundations that value what we do.

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