A Few Words from Fr. Gregory:

Society of the Divine Savior 125th Anniversary of Salvatorian Presence in the USA
December 2016 to November 2017

We are excited to announce that the USA Salvatorian Family will celebrate during five anniversary years (2017 to 2021) with the theme "YEARS on FIRE" to honor our past and propel us into our future.  These celebrations will tie into the journey to sainthood for our beloved founder Fr. Francis Jordan.  In keeping with Fr Jordan's teachings we will pursue a unique secondary theme a "Passion for Mercy."

Join the Mission and Celebration of 125 of the Society - Learn more and order tickets at or email or call 414-258-1735.

Fr. Jordan said:  Treat your neighbor with the same charity with which you would treat Jesus Christ himself.

Salvatorians are determined to reach people of every race, culture and age with God's message of love and grace, encouraged by the life and words of Fr. Francis Jordan.  We can and should incorporate acts of charity into our everyday lives and put a special effort in helping those who are poor.

One way you and I share that commitment is through prayer. The Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers constantly rebuild our faith foundation with dedicated prayers and Masses. We will reaffirm our commitment to spreading Fr. Jordan's mission during the celebration of a special Novena of Masses from October 7 to October 15. This Novena in honor of "Our Lady of the Rosary" gives us a time to reflect and pray; to renew our pledge to honor the Savior and His Blessed Mother.  Please join us in prayer. Send me your intentions by mail, online or by calling 1-800-254-4902, so that you and those you love may share in the joy and tranquility that descends on us as we pray the Rosary. To view our Rosary Selection.

The month of November is always dedicated to praying for our departed loved ones and friends.  Keep in mind that the Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers would be honored to remember your departed loved ones and friends in our 30 Holy Masses throughout November.  You may write the names of your departed loved ones and friends on our mail-in form, online intention form or by calling 1-800-254-4902. This way I may assure you that your beloved departed are remembered in our All Saints and All Souls Day Masses, as well as in all 30 Masses throughout November.    Please feel free to include as many names as you wish.  Return it to me by October 30, so that your loved ones are remembered in all of the Masses.


Our Christmas card assortment for this year is now available for ordering. Our cards depict the Birth of Christ and reflect the true meaning of Christmas. Let us know if you would like us to send you the assortment or a favorite card from the collection. The Christmas Mass Remembrance card makes a great gift for that person on your list that has everything.



Thank you for visiting our website. Take a minute to learn more about the Salvatorian community. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share the love and mercy of our Savior with you, your friends, and your family.

May our Savior bless you always, and those you love.


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Mission Statement

Founded over 130 years ago, by Father Francis Jordan, the Society of the Divine Savior is a Roman Catholic religious community, praying and working to share the love and mercy of our Savior, Jesus Christ through all possible means.

Salvatorians answer this calling through many diverse ministries, including-

-Pastors in parish ministry
-Hospital, nursing home,
and prison chaplains
-Foreign missionaries
-Campus ministers
-Teachers and administrators
-Friends and counselors to youth at risk
-Communities under duress

"That all may know the Savior"



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